Release notes

v2022.06.17 - June 17, 2022

  • OPL functionality (One Point Lesson)
  • Attachments versioning and locking
  • Added sorting for entry attachments
  • Added confirmation message on changing password
  • Extended users information on export
  • General performance improvements
  • Disabled possibility to assign questions to yourself
  • Issue on importing new translations

v2022.05.03 - May 3, 2022

  • Improved attention required functionality on entry comments
  • Added billable filter on all reports view
  • Updated help documents configuration
  • Performance improvements for my agenda view
  • Do not show entries in done state on my agenda view
  • Improved redirection from my agenda view
  • Do not show holidays without location on dashboard
  • Issue with company users displaying on video calls
  • Responsive issue on time reporting

v2022.04.19 - April 19, 2022

  • My agenda page to display user important information
  • Added alert if company users are not online on a workday
  • Added best practices help document
  • Billable time reports functionality
  • Added entry filter by last modification date
  • Added total decimal time in hours on time reports page
  • Adapted time reports document margins for printing
  • Improved creation of external users on meetings and email communications
  • Improved export to csv for entry time reports
  • Possibility to filter time reports by date on entry view for export
  • Issue at creating pdf time reports
  • Issue with displaying attachments on planning meetings
  • Responsive layout issue with billing details
  • Time reports are not loading on entry view

v2022.03.31 - March 31, 2022

  • Added missing information on pdf reports (time reporting)
  • Confirmation email for tenant creator
  • Extended entries API functionality
  • Issue with comments API functionality
  • Issue with confirming meeting final time range
  • Issue with document margins on printed time reports
  • Issue with tenant creation functionality
  • Sometimes chat users are not marked as busy on call

v2022.03.18 - March 18, 2022

  • Added example project after tenant creation
  • Display current navigation path using breadcrumbs
  • Text to speech on entry comments
  • Possibility to replace existing attachment on upload
  • Possibility to request comment when entry assignee changes
  • Automatically select new time range when edit confirmed meeting
  • Changed order of answers on questions tab of entries
  • Display more information on time reports export
  • Improved project summary page
  • Issue with adding attachments on meetings
  • Issue with creation of time range on meetings with touch pad
  • Issue with displaying onboarding in project menu
  • Issue with empty description if email body is in html format
  • Issue with encoding on entry attachments
  • Issue with incorrect language in navigation menu

v2022.03.08 - March 8, 2022

  • Email access to existing entries
  • Possibility to lock entries
  • Sickness duration in absences cannot be limited
  • Spell check in chat based on the user language or detected language
  • Tooltip with project description to project name on projects list view
  • Updated localization of notifications
  • Issue with encoding on entry view
  • Issue with adding large attachments to an entry

v2022.03.01 - March 1, 2022

  • Performance improvements for entry view
  • Display labels on sprints view
  • Localization related to questions on entry view
  • Updated dependencies for server and client side
  • Issue with empty date field when create new report
  • Issue with duration calculation on time reports
  • Issue with timezones on timetable

v2022.02.18 - February 18, 2022

  • Group chat functionality
  • Preview for chat attachments
  • Preview for entry attachments
  • Added new events for workflows
  • Added time rounding on timetable view
  • Entry view performance improvements
  • Extended entry type custom fields functionality
  • Improved meetings scheduler UI
  • Improved UI for comments and questions
  • Made "usages" section collapsible"
  • Mark externally created entries with a label
  • Possibility to add a label to projects from label view
  • Possibility to see if someone is on video call
  • TeamViewer link to request support
  • Time report export language
  • Issue with filtering on projects view
  • Missing margin for resolved version in history
  • Missed localization in entry history
  • Prevent multiple submit on accepting meeting
  • Issue with updating reports count on tab when delete report

v2022.01.26 - January 26, 2022

  • Disable possibility to approve meeting with the past time range
  • Display number of unanswered questions in navigation menu
  • Entry planning fields improvements
  • Improvements for time reports export
  • Meeting tooltip and description with location field
  • Issue with localization of question related notification
  • Issue with meeting view for external users
  • Issue with reactions count when adding new comment
  • Localization of entry attributes get lost
  • Meeting time zone issue in email details
  • Missing localization on project settings view

v2022.01.19 - January 19, 2022

  • Q/A functionality for entries
  • User chat status and do not disturb functionality
  • Possibility to save email communication as draft
  • Possibility to mark comment as read
  • Entry comments UI improvements
  • Possibility to paste resources from clipboard in chat and attachments
  • Possibility to paste resources from clipboard in email communications
  • Auto translate for onboarding document
  • Possibility to specify if person should report hours
  • Entry history performance improvements
  • Improvements for work schedule configuration
  • Language selection UI improvements
  • Localization improvements on video calls
  • Markdown help tooltip for entry comment
  • Elapsed time auto refresh for notifications and chat messages
  • Update reporting widget on reporting from timetable view
  • Incorrect date format on meeting calendar
  • Issue with absence duration calculation
  • Issue with chat fonts rendering
  • Issue with entry attachments uploaded by observer role
  • Issue with exporting project to template
  • Issue with time zone after meeting final time range was changed

v2021.12.16 - December 16, 2021

  • Require attention functionality for entry comments
  • Display upcoming meeting in navigation menu
  • Display number of pending absences in navigation menu
  • Possibility to add forgotten recipients on email communications
  • Possibility to forward message on email communications
  • Display pending meetings filter when setting up a new meeting
  • Display total count of entries on sprints view
  • If possible keep entry status the same on entry type change
  • Performance improvements for entries view
  • Absences are not shown properly in week view
  • Issue on loading entry links
  • Issue with downloading email communications
  • Issue with encoding when adding new range to a meeting
  • Issue with load more entries button on sprints
  • Issue with navigation to project from usages section on entry type
  • Issue with paging on loading entry history
  • Issue with start date and end date on meeting creation
  • Project template disappears after edit
  • Unnecessary notifications for approver when creating absences

v2021.12.10 - December 10, 2021

  • Meeting related entry for reporting and attachments
  • Dashboard widget with entry links
  • Possibility to add project icon
  • Reminders to finish meeting voting and to remove unconfirmed meetings
  • Display last publication date on login page
  • Display user profile picture on entries board view
  • Paging for backlog on sprints view
  • Performance improvements for email communications
  • Performance improvements for history
  • Prefill meeting title when redirect from contact custom field
  • Quick tips in email on user creation
  • Quick video call name should not be prefilled
  • Round result of current time button to nearest value on time report creation
  • Charset issue in search results and timetable
  • Incorrect text color for summary progress on timetable view
  • Issue with displaying entry summary when it contains xml tags
  • Issue with encoding of user provided content
  • Issue with localization on entry reminders
  • Issue with placeholder on multi select control
  • Issue with scrolling on time reports widget
  • Performance issue on loading chat users

v2021.11.22 - November 22, 2021

  • Added more details to entry notifications
  • Issue with entries search and edit on timetable view
  • Issue with global search for entries with unspecified status
  • Issue with localization on reminders functionality

v2021.11.19 - November 19, 2021

  • Timetable view for entry reports
  • Manage reminders in entries
  • Onboarding document with project description
  • Search functionality in top bar
  • Ability to view contact, create meeting, send email and make a phone call for contact custom filed
  • Delete absences without approving for owner security role
  • Email with instructions for newly created user
  • Improvements for entry reports API
  • Mobile view improvements
  • Incorrect description in absence notifications
  • Issue with creator user id when creating entry report
  • Issue with encoding on displaying history
  • Issue with new sprint start date
  • Issue with video calls email localization
  • Issue with workflows and null value of custom type fields

v2021.10.28 - October 28, 2021

  • Contacts and addresses management
  • Improved entities localization functionality
  • Possibility to select contact as custom field type
  • Actual duration is empty when update entry details
  • Attachments from email should be visible for Employees, Managers and Owners by default
  • Incorrect status handling for meetings
  • Issue with accepted meeting time zone
  • Issue with auto translation of custom fields
  • Issue with client side validation and form submit
  • Issue with displaying records in history
  • Issue with history when reply to email communication
  • Issue with label validation when adding on entry edit
  • Maintenance notification time range should be in user time zone
  • Meetings calendar is empty when meeting planned outside of working hours
  • Meetings should be sorted by start date
  • Version fields are empty after entry type was changed

v2021.10.12 - October 12, 2021

  • Improvements for meeting creation and voting workflows
  • Filter by entry type on time reports
  • Filter for upcoming and past meetings on grid view
  • Hide empty grid toolbar on meetings
  • Meeting color by status on calendar view
  • Possibility to edit confirmed meetings
  • Possibility to search by entry key when adding entry link
  • Show actual duration in hours and minutes on history
  • Issue with automatic reading of chat messages
  • Issue with double click on form submit
  • Issue with sorting of versions on entry edit
  • Time report PDF right margin is too small

v2021.09.30 - September 30, 2021

  • Email templates functionality
  • Redesigned project settings
  • Added view level for attachments
  • Adapted create button text for each table view
  • Added confirmation dialog when delete project and template
  • Added tooltip for attachments and comments visibility level
  • Automatically map total number of reported hours in actual duration field
  • Cancel calendar event when meeting was deleted
  • Changed add new label dropdown template on edit entry view
  • Changed status filter to show active projects by default
  • Disabled status filter on project templates view
  • Don't show absences section for collaborator role
  • Improved datetime tooltips for notifications and chat
  • Improved entries history for update operations
  • Improved handling of chat online offline statuses
  • Tooltip with markdown and emojis help for chat
  • User auto translation enabled indicator in chat
  • Duplicate history record on communication create
  • Incorrect view of time reports on mobile
  • Issue with automatic translation on entries view
  • Issue with duplicate push notifications
  • Issue with entry ID link on edit entry view
  • Issue with multiple translation of meeting notifications
  • Issue with redirect after delete project template
  • Issue with reports paging on entry view
  • Issue with unread messages count in chat for inactive users
  • Issue with watched entries and low level security roles
  • Maintenance notification issue
  • Meeting invitation overriding previous in Outlook calendar
  • Show more button disappears when add new time report

v1.2.2 - September 3, 2021

  • Added confirmed meetings navigation menu item
  • Added meeting attendees informational table
  • Automatically confirm meetings with one time range
  • Extended entry type to show or hide versions fields
  • Improved control for external users selection
  • Improved layout for entries grid
  • Moved labels under summary field on entries grid
  • Possibility to export entry custom fields
  • Send calendar item to creator for auto confirmed meetings
  • Send SMS reminder to meeting creator
  • Empty history records issue
  • Not available today widget shows inactive users
  • Scrollbars issue with help section on Firefox browser

v1.2.1 - August 27, 2021

  • Added confirmation dialog when delete meeting
  • Added last modification time filter on localization view
  • Improved localization export functionality
  • Improved UI on email communications
  • Improvements for meetings functionality
  • Filtering of pending meetings issue
  • Maintenance and release notifications issue
  • Quick buttons in time reports issue
  • Reports in entry sorted by creation time instead of start time

v1.2.0 - August 19, 2021

  • Templates for projects
  • Planned meetings (with video calls and calendar view)
  • Video calls improvements
  • Redesigned email sending approach
  • New dashboard widget for absent people
  • Search for chat messages
  • Edit for chat messages
  • Notification when chat user is offline
  • Performance improvements for chat
  • Messages and notifications counter in window title
  • SMS reminders for planned meetings
  • User creation process improvements
  • More information in notification messages
  • Reporting widget refresh after modifying report on entry view
  • Removed notification when user assign entry to himself
  • Absence report incorrect validation date time
  • Issue with incorrect information on entry links
  • Issue with multiple parent links on entries
  • Issue with incorrect displaying of sprints view
  • Issue with time report duration on history

v1.1.1 - July 27, 2021

  • Additional message about time zone in email for planned meetings
  • Clear dropdown control filter after selection
  • Disable drag and drop on sprints for observer role
  • Display number of entries by state in sprints
  • Improve mobile view for sprints
  • Order entries by last modification time on sprints view
  • Possibility to collapse/expand on sprints view
  • Redirect to entry from sprints on double click
  • Redirect to project edit view after save
  • Save zoom setting on Gantt view
  • Show badges on version filters
  • Show history loading message on entry view
  • Show more info on entry links tab
  • Show tenant name near the logo
  • "No notifications" message is not localized
  • Client validation is missing for key when creating sprints and versions
  • Entry is not displayed in sprints backlog when removed from sprint
  • Gantt start and end dates in filters should be included
  • Incorrect redirection to entry from Gantt view
  • Issue with empty history records
  • Issue with filtering by versions and labels
  • Issue with FR localization when export to pdf on Gantt

v1.1.0 - July 19, 2021

  • Added Gantt chart in project context
  • Added sprints management functionality
  • Added versions management functionality
  • Added maintenance and release notifications
  • Fixed issue with unnecessary records in history