Release notes

v2024.06.20 - June 20, 2024

  • Added delete button on attachment preview modal
  • Improvements for time reporting on entry view
  • PDF report preview adjusted to page width by default
  • Quick rename for entry attachments by double click
  • Additional buttons should be hidden on edit chat message
  • Double converting last modification time field to UTC when creating project from template
  • Issue with attachment downloading from a preview modal
  • Issue with list of invited users on video call
  • Issue with removing attendees from video call
  • Issue with scrolling after picture preview in chat
  • Issues with bulk update for entries
  • PDF document preview is displayed aligned to the bottom when using Firefox
  • Preview modal does not reload after deleting an attachment
  • UI issue with name of attachment on entry view

v2024.06.10 - June 10, 2024

  • Go to context in chat messages search
  • Live preview for markdown messages and comments
  • Paste from clipboard functionality on comments
  • Paste from clipboard functionality on questions
  • Paste from clipboard functionality on entry description
  • Copy to clipboard attachment as markdown link
  • Calendar item sequence functionality for meetings
  • Possibility for owner role to edit chat groups
  • Possibility to add multiple attachments to entry comment
  • Possibility to export entry description into markdown and pdf file
  • Removed entry link from notification actions on workflows
  • UI improvements for meetings grid views
  • Changing localization in multilingual control does not update last modified time
  • Date format issue with custom fields
  • Incorrect status filter behavior on definitions
  • Issue when user updates all attachment versions by adding new one
  • Issue with creating comment from email
  • Issue with date and time custom field on workflows
  • Issue with editing deleted message in chat
  • Issue with last modified updated only for the first entity
  • Issue with list of invited users on video call
  • Issue with markdown image width
  • Issue with not supported calendar item when deleting a meeting
  • Issue with preview window height on chat for pdf attachments
  • Issue with timezone on meetings confirmation
  • Issue with workflow after deleting custom field
  • Timezone issue with workflow notifications
  • UI issue on load more sprints

v2024.04.18 - April 18, 2024

  • Added information about creator and modifier to edit views
  • Added max file size validation to chat attachments
  • Added tenant name to location field in Outlook calendar items
  • Chat message with link when quick video call created from chat UI
  • Full screen functionality on meetings calendar view
  • Collapse and expand functionality for chat users
  • Rendering of block quotes in markdown
  • Reply chat message functionality
  • Issue with creating video call
  • Issue with meeting notifications
  • Issue with saving entry if description is required
  • Issue with validation of date fields on create absence view
  • Issues related to the functionality of expenses
  • It is not possible to create a user from contact
  • Last modified time does not updates correctly
  • Meeting badges are missed for collaborator and observer roles
  • Quick call icon is displayed shifted in chat
  • UI components displayed with offset on the sprints view
  • Video call icons in chat are shifted

v2024.04.02 - April 2, 2024

  • Added preview *.html, *.txt, *.xml, *.webm files in chat
  • Implemented call functionality for chat group
  • Added missing localization on host
  • Cache issue related to user status localization
  • Is active users filter does not work properly
  • Issue with creating expenses in French localization
  • Issue with notifications count indicator
  • Issue with quick video call notification for creator user
  • Issue with sending group chat messages
  • Issues related to inactive users

v2024.03.15 - March 15, 2024

  • Added quick call functionality in chat
  • Added option to snooze sounds and push notifications in user dropdown
  • Added validation for user and contact names
  • Auto refresh time markers on different views
  • Chat messaging performance improvements
  • Extended custom type functionality with Contacts type
  • Extended custom type functionality with Users type
  • Improved handling of inactive users
  • Error after changing entry type
  • Issue with displaying holidays when no specific location selected
  • Modified by field on entry history does not update correctly
  • Prevent duplicate request when create report on timetable view
  • View all planned sprints button should navigate to all sprints view

v2024.02.22 - February 22, 2024

  • Extended custom type functionality with user type
  • Hide meeting minutes for external users on meeting view
  • Updated UI for meeting minutes on meeting view
  • Added clear search field functionality on related views
  • Don't count pending items if entry is in done state
  • Issue with email sending related to entry questions
  • Issue with total time calculation on timetable view
  • Clear search does not reset filters on localization view

v2024.02.15 - February 15, 2024

  • Email notifications settings on user profile
  • Implemented save filters functionality for all required views
  • Performance improvements
  • Added clear search functionality on lessons
  • Console error on gantt view
  • Issue with updating time report duration
  • Missed total count of entries on links tab
  • Project templates routing issue
  • Some labels are not displayed when no project is selected
  • This week filter error on timetable view

v2024.01.24 - January 24, 2024

  • Added missing alert confirmation on deletion
  • Moved chat message is sent indicator below attachments preview
  • Implemented search by assignee on entry create
  • Added project key to dropdown list of projects
  • Added pagination buttons for the list of linked entries
  • Added external links on entry export to pdf
  • Performance improvements
  • Issue with display weekends on widgets
  • Issue with buttons displaying on expenses
  • Issue after filling planned start date with valid data
  • Issue with encoding on external links

v2023.12.15 - December 15, 2023

  • Possibility to add external links to an entry
  • Implemented "show affected versions" on entry type configuration
  • UI improvements on entries board view
  • Entry summary generation based on description using AI
  • Display not active users in chat
  • Changing the time format does not affect the holidays and absences widgets
  • Entry history lost on moving entry to another project
  • Issue with chat group duplication on create
  • Issue with entry description encoding
  • Issue with multi saving on creating entry questions
  • Issue with show empty projects on sprints view
  • Wrong time in automatic report after active entry selection

v2023.11.23 - November 23, 2023

  • Added ability to set a photo for the group chat
  • Added notifications grouping when they are related to the same entity
  • Added possibility to search for users in global search
  • Implemented retry logic on sending chat messages
  • Improved email sending functionality
  • Localization improvements
  • UI improvements on navigation menu
  • UI improvements on sprints view
  • Issue with comments creation
  • Issue with email UI on mobile for meetings
  • Issue with wrong time range on meeting creation

v2023.10.20 - October 20, 2023

  • Added possibility to see attendee busy slots on meeting creation
  • Important items widget in navigation menu
  • Added a maximum width for images on the lesson preview page
  • Added final time range information on meeting view
  • Auto saved filters on projects view
  • Chat mark as read improvements
  • Extended create entry API functionality
  • Hide projects with no sprints on global sprints view by default
  • UI improvements on lesson view
  • Wiki page edit history
  • Character set error on attachment dropdown menu
  • Clear search filter button UI is broken on projects view
  • Console error on course view
  • Console error on project template summary view
  • Do not allow observers and collaborators to create time reports via API
  • Do not allow observers to create entries via API
  • Issue with calculation of total duration on time reports
  • Issue with editing locked wiki pages
  • Issue with wiki page displaying for some security roles
  • Issue with wiki views on mobile
  • Onboarding encoding issue when automatic translation is enabled
  • Validation issue on adding not existing contact
  • Wrong last modified time when adding an attachment to an entry

v2023.09.29 - September 29, 2023

  • Added possibility to automatically manage sprints statuses based on end date
  • Sprints related notifications
  • Bulk entries update functionality in project context
  • Improvements for watched entries view
  • Added backlog to sprints filter on entries view
  • Added markdown editor for the onboarding field
  • Added possibility to reformat email content using AI before saving from the Outlook plugin
  • Added possibly to export wiki with sub pages
  • Added read/unread filter on notifications view
  • Added total number of required attention items to the navigation menu
  • Restricted possibility to delete users only for owner security role
  • Wiki functionality improvements
  • Issue with error messages when entering invalid data on creating time report
  • Issue with rendering meetings view
  • Issue with text style when answering emails from Outlook plugin
  • UI components are displayed shifted on board view
  • Wrong error message on timetable view when the time format is incorrect

v2023.09.08 - September 8, 2023

  • Added draft expenses to the navigation menu
  • Added reformulate functionality on entry creation
  • Attention required entries filtering and navigation menu query
  • Continue active task reporting when related entry was closed
  • Improved active task reporting functionality
  • Improved multilingual functionality on lessons
  • Markdown support for the entry description field
  • After adding a custom query to the public view it should not be displayed in the personal queries dropdown
  • Attachments lost when forwarding email to the system
  • Backlog on sprints view is not created for a newly created tenant
  • Buttons are visible on sprints view export to the PDF format
  • Entries displayed shifted on my agenda view
  • Improved multilingual functionality on different views
  • Incorrect content was used for the AI functions
  • Incorrect date format on create holiday view
  • Incorrect error message displayed when invalid data entered in the ID field on sprint creation
  • Issue the ID generation for some entities
  • Issue with deleting sprints
  • Issue with loosing the focus on the search field
  • Issue with sorting on reports view
  • Issue with sorting on the currencies view
  • Issue with the date format on the holiday create view
  • Issue with the entry creation from the Outlook plugin when the email contains nested emails
  • Issue with the entry exporting to the CSV format
  • Issue with the Outlook plugin UI on entry create
  • Issue with timezone on entry creation from Outlook plugin
  • Issues with the tenant deletion
  • Length indicator on comments tab is overlapping on page scroll
  • Project logo on sprints view does not display after exporting to the PDF format
  • Related wiki pages are not included on exporting an entry to the PDF format
  • Sorting by assignee does not work when exporting to the PDF format on absences
  • Sorting by assignee field on entries view does not work after exporting to the PDF/CSV formats
  • Sorting by the progress field doesn't work correctly on the goals view
  • Sorting on users view does not work after exporting to the CSV format
  • Start date cannot be later than the end date on entry view
  • Timetable view is displaying entry activities with multilingual functionality incorrectly
  • Users should not be able to vote for time ranges that have already passed on meetings
  • Users who do not have the rights to see the comment are displayed in the dropdown list
  • Validation is missing on user work schedule view
  • Versioning of the attachments lost when moving entry to the another project

v2023.08.11 - August 11, 2023

  • Added AI tools to the Outlook plugin
  • Attachments UI Improvements
  • Implemented notifications view
  • Extended help configuration
  • Impossible to create new tenant
  • Issue with users pictures in dropdown control
  • Linked images in comments are not working when entry moved to different project
  • Tenant deletion leads to an error
  • Uploading of new document version changes the previous user name
  • Validation of email fields does not work correctly

v2023.07.20 - July 20, 2023

  • Expenses improvements and AI integration
  • Improvements for attachments preview
  • Default password complexity changes
  • Added field type "wiki document" on entry type custom fields
  • Added new page after video call ended for external users
  • Added possibility to preview .webm file format in attachments
  • Added time rounding when reporting with active entry widget
  • Comments and chat related UX improvements
  • Contacts functionality improvements
  • Disabled custom fields editing for observer role
  • Display meeting minutes section after meeting creation
  • Group chat edit and delete message improvements
  • Improved generate random password functionality
  • Localization improvements
  • Issue with double quotes escaping in exported csv files
  • Issue with exporting Gantt view to the pdf
  • Issue with ID field need to be unique when creating custom entry field
  • Issue with importing localization
  • Issue with permissions when editing time reports
  • Issue with scroll down to the end of all chat users when you quickly open and close direct chat
  • Issue with translation to FR and DE on entry types and statuses
  • Issue with validation for "Mobile phone" field on contact view
  • Missing error message for duplicate email address during contact creation
  • The internal error is displayed after changing the password
  • Unnecessary notification for meeting creator on leaving the call
  • Validation is missing for user phone field

v2023.06.26 - June 26, 2023

  • Added possibility to reset entry type settings
  • Chat quick navigation functionality
  • Added new page after video call ended
  • Added notification for video call creator
  • Added ID column and sorting for entities on definitions
  • Added permission for the owner role on lessons functionality
  • Improved status indicator functionality for offline users
  • Move entry functionality improvements
  • Entry index was not reset when using project templates
  • Issue with "Not available today" widget for collaborator and observer roles
  • Issue with birthday and absence indicators tooltip language
  • Issue with buttons position on entry create
  • Issue with chat messages counter
  • Issue with drag and drop on sprints view
  • Issue with time on reporting with active entry functionality
  • Localization issue in French due to time settings
  • Newly registered users are unable to log in after email confirmation
  • Security roles issues on lessons functionality
  • Sorting by assignee works only for name field

v2023.06.02 - June 2, 2023

  • Added possibility to set sprint on entry creation
  • AI related improvements and configuration
  • Disable wiki page view related buttons while reordering
  • Forms UI improvements
  • Improved navigation menu scrolling in project section for small screens
  • Save project sprints view settings for user in local storage
  • Sprints view improvements
  • Video conferences intergation improvements
  • Wiki improvements
  • Expenses with all statuses are shown and calculated in reports
  • Issue with validation of date fields when create objective
  • Issue with approving absence from grid view
  • Issue with changing absence type
  • Issue with chat messages count indicator
  • Issue with localization of multilingual entry type on board view
  • Set all child wiki pages as deleted when delete parent wiki page
  • Unable to delete entry status when it was used in entry type which was deleted

v2023.05.23 - May 23, 2023

  • Tenant and project context wiki
  • Changed video conferences integration
  • Entry description AI functionality
  • Gantt view improvements
  • Improved company reports widget
  • Improved my calendar view on absences
  • Improvements on user edit view
  • Updated localization related to video calls
  • User indicators improvements on chat related views
  • Issue with displaying validation on assignee change and comment is required
  • Issue with is active filter when exporting users
  • Issue with scrolling on board view
  • Issue with show details for long comments on activities page

v2023.04.21 - April 21, 2023

  • Added user availability and birthday indicator
  • Process enter key when change attachment name
  • Possibility to change the status of the entries in disactivated project
  • Improved entries query on active entry widget
  • Improvements for expenses functionality
  • Added csv export on expenses
  • Issue with scheduled workflows and entry history
  • Issue with stopping of the active entry
  • Issue with meetings and external attendees
  • Issue with localization in search results
  • Issue with required field on entry queries create and edit
  • Issue with multilingual control loading on entry queries
  • Issue with date format when create report
  • Wrong first day of the week on expense date control
  • Issue with from date filter on expenses
  • Issue with date and time format displaying on pdf reports for different languages

v2023.03.22 - March 22, 2023

  • Added expenses report grouped by type
  • Additional API methods for projects and sprints
  • Auto expandable message text area for chat
  • Do not show unusable menu items on project template view
  • Improved backlog functionality on sprints
  • Improved sprints and versions configuration functionality
  • Improvements on create meeting view
  • Save unsent chat messages as draft
  • Sprints view improvements
  • Issue with displaying of absences
  • Issue with multilingual sprints on project sprints view
  • Not possible to change assignee when comment requirement is enabled
  • Notification "Plese select active entry" is active during vacations

v2023.03.03 - March 3, 2023

  • Overview all sprints general view
  • Clarify column names on absences
  • Display number of open entries on sprints view
  • Possibility to make description field required in entry type definition
  • Public website improvements
  • Sprints view drag and drop improvements
  • Top menu improvements on mobile view
  • UI improvements on entries view
  • Issue with date and time format on absences
  • Issue with date time format on creating and editing
  • Issue with duplicate entry windows on project sprint view
  • Issue with start time in active entry widget

v2023.02.10 - February 10, 2023

  • Added multiselection on sprints view
  • Added notification on creating users
  • Added reminder notification for users to select active entry
  • Extended calendar visible hours on meeting view when range outside of business hours
  • Implemented possibility to set active entry on edit view
  • Open new time report view on stopping active entry
  • UI improvements on users and projects views
  • Issue with displaying labels on activities history view
  • Issue with duplicate creation of chat groups
  • Issue with script on activities view and active entry widget
  • Issue with time zone on entry history
  • Sprints view scroll issue on mobile devices

v2023.01.23 - January 23, 2023

  • Possibility to configure date format and first day of the week in user profile
  • Added notification when meeting is started for organizer to enter a call
  • User current task and reporting improvements
  • Added users online indicator on activities page
  • Increased page size for users on activities page
  • Added warning message on selecting past time ranges on meeting creation
  • Improvements on creating project from template
  • Restored margin between paragraphs in entry comments
  • Additional localization on host side
  • Split entry ID and summary columns on export
  • Issue with client side validation on entry comments
  • Issue with date and time format on activities widget and page
  • Issue with entry custom fields on activities page
  • Issue with inactive or deleted users and group chats
  • Issue with UI when filtering on sprints view
  • Pending and declined meetings filter is not working on pressing Today button on calendar

v2022.12.22 - December 22, 2022

  • User current task general view and widget
  • Export entry into pdf format
  • Meetings emails UI improvements
  • Added tooltip with meeting name on meetings view
  • Display questions related history for observer role
  • Improved filtering by sprints on entries view
  • Improved handling of pending meetings
  • Incorrect number of attendees on meeting view
  • Issue with date input control for custom dates filtering on timetable and my reports
  • Issue with group chat messages got into private chat
  • Issue with time zone on reports widget
  • Time zone issue on my reports and company reports views
  • Visibility issues on activities page

v2022.11.30 - November 30, 2022

  • Activities view improvements
  • Added dashboard widget for closed entries
  • Added filtering for cancelled meetings
  • Added more information on meetings grid view
  • Added tenant name and url to meeting related emails
  • Improvements for sprints and versions management
  • Possibility to add meeting minutes to the linked entry as an attachment
  • Possibility to add meeting time range that started in the past
  • Issue with notifications layout and formatting
  • Issue with layout on meeting video call view

v2022.11.18 - November 18, 2022

  • Company and project activities page
  • Added default currencies when creating new tenant
  • Added priority indicator on sprints view
  • Added more information on absences export
  • Possibility to rename attachments in entries
  • Issue with editing participants list on meeting view
  • Issue with editing tenant details
  • Issue with number of participants on meetings
  • Issue with number of pending meetings
  • Issue with tenant creation

v2022.10.20 - October 20, 2022

  • Meeting minutes management
  • Possibility to configure time format (12h/24h) in user profile
  • Added entry last modification date on sprints view
  • Added formatting to the description of the meeting
  • Added more information in csv files of time reports
  • Added status on pending meetings grid
  • Outlook plugin instructions page
  • Issue with meeting confirmation when it is already started
  • Issue with multilingual lessons
  • Issue with preview images when edit chat message
  • Issue with "show more" button on entries reports

v2022.09.30 - September 30, 2022

  • Added declined meetings section
  • Added ordering by date on OPL courses
  • Copy reminders when moving entry to other project
  • Possibility to capture camera photo on mobile when creating or editing expenses
  • Refresh entry content when switching between tabs
  • Issue with displaying entries when status is removed from entry type
  • Issue with external users join on meetings
  • Issue with linking existing entry with unspecified status

v2022.09.22 - September 22, 2022

  • Added pending meetings counter
  • Change default calendar view on meetings to show business hours
  • Don't show closed entries questions number in navigation menu indicator
  • Possibility to add comment on setting value for key result
  • Possibility to save custom OKR units as definitions
  • Sharing pending items data between different tabs
  • Issue with comments on move entry
  • Issue with displaying create report button on meeting view
  • Issue with displaying declined meetings on agenda view and notifications
  • Issue with displaying past meetings on agenda view
  • Issue with show completed goals on OKR
  • Issue with time formatting on OKR
  • It shouldn't be possible to decline past meetings

v2022.09.09 - September 9, 2022

  • Added filter for completed objectives on OKR view
  • Added filtering for owner dropdown on OKR
  • Clone objectives functionality
  • Improved currency format handling on expenses
  • Improved localization on expense and absence pdf reports
  • Improved tabs UI visibility
  • Mark as completed functionality for objectives
  • Multilingual support for OPL
  • UI improvements for notifications
  • Accepted time in expense report is before creation time
  • Console error on entry edit
  • Issue with 'is completed' value on OKR progress bar

v2022.08.30 - August 30, 2022

  • Added multilingual support for expense types
  • More options on create entry view
  • Adapted color for accepted time range on meetings
  • Adapted rich editor font and styles according to application theme
  • Added "save and new" button on expenses and expense types
  • Display selected date range on expenses pdf report
  • Display warning on login page for obsolete browsers
  • Reminder notification to create meeting related time report
  • Issue with time picker on timetable view
  • Add signature button doesn't work on email communication
  • Issue with currency format on expenses
  • Issue with linking a meeting to the entry

v2022.08.19 - August 19, 2022

  • Absence management improvements
  • Added currency to definitions
  • Added section with unread messages on top of all users in chat
  • Changed sorting on meetings view
  • Chat functionality improvements
  • Improved next meeting information section
  • Management of the travel and related expenses
  • Open specific notification types in new tab
  • Performance improvements and optimization
  • Use currency definitions on OKR
  • Agenda view responsive issue
  • Entry history localization issue
  • Issue with attachments preview on local environment
  • Issue with entry type configuration
  • Issue with filtering by user on company calendar view
  • Issue with localization in search results
  • Issue with redirect to meeting for non-authenticated users
  • Pictures are not displayed at project and profile views
  • Prevent double click on creating OKR
  • Show more button on comments does not work

v2022.08.02 - August 2, 2022

  • Added auto zoom option on Gantt view
  • Added ctrl+enter option for creating questions and comments
  • Added info section on Gantt view
  • Added possibility to change text color in markdown
  • Added user profile picture on creating OKR
  • Adapted margins on pdf time reports
  • Implemented API to get all projects
  • Improved date range selection on Gantt view
  • Improved message sending from chat
  • Changed localization export filename format
  • Issue with email address field format on email fetching
  • Issue with localization on Gantt view
  • Issue with sending WhatsApp message from chat
  • Issue with "undefined" in entry history
  • Issue with workflow key when project is created from project template

v2022.07.21 - July 21, 2022

  • OKR feature improvements
  • Outlook plugin view improvements
  • WhatsApp integration
  • Navigation menu reordering
  • Updated tooltips on OKR
  • Use tenant legal name in email templates
  • Chat group creation duplicate
  • Issue with encoding on attachments
  • Issue with user status tooltip in chat

v2022.07.19 - July 19, 2022

  • OKR planning
  • Implemented Outlook plugin
  • Email forwarding improvements
  • Added notification for video calls
  • Issue with displaying comments

v2022.06.17 - June 17, 2022

  • OPL functionality (One Point Lesson)
  • Attachments versioning and locking
  • Added sorting for entry attachments
  • Added confirmation message on changing password
  • Extended users information on export
  • General performance improvements
  • Disabled possibility to assign questions to yourself
  • Issue on importing new translations

v2022.05.03 - May 3, 2022

  • Improved attention required functionality on entry comments
  • Added billable filter on all reports view
  • Updated help documents configuration
  • Performance improvements for my agenda view
  • Do not show entries in done state on my agenda view
  • Improved redirection from my agenda view
  • Do not show holidays without location on dashboard
  • Issue with company users displaying on video calls
  • Responsive issue on time reporting

v2022.04.19 - April 19, 2022

  • My agenda page to display user important information
  • Added alert if company users are not online on a workday
  • Added best practices help document
  • Billable time reports functionality
  • Added entry filter by last modification date
  • Added total decimal time in hours on time reports page
  • Adapted time reports document margins for printing
  • Improved creation of external users on meetings and email communications
  • Improved export to csv for entry time reports
  • Possibility to filter time reports by date on entry view for export
  • Issue at creating pdf time reports
  • Issue with displaying attachments on planning meetings
  • Responsive layout issue with billing details
  • Time reports are not loading on entry view

v2022.03.31 - March 31, 2022

  • Added missing information on pdf reports (time reporting)
  • Confirmation email for tenant creator
  • Extended entries API functionality
  • Issue with comments API functionality
  • Issue with confirming meeting final time range
  • Issue with document margins on printed time reports
  • Issue with tenant creation functionality
  • Sometimes chat users are not marked as busy on call

v2022.03.18 - March 18, 2022

  • Added example project after tenant creation
  • Display current navigation path using breadcrumbs
  • Text to speech on entry comments
  • Possibility to replace existing attachment on upload
  • Possibility to request comment when entry assignee changes
  • Automatically select new time range when edit confirmed meeting
  • Changed order of answers on questions tab of entries
  • Display more information on time reports export
  • Improved project summary page
  • Issue with adding attachments on meetings
  • Issue with creation of time range on meetings with touch pad
  • Issue with displaying onboarding in project menu
  • Issue with empty description if email body is in html format
  • Issue with encoding on entry attachments
  • Issue with incorrect language in navigation menu

v2022.03.08 - March 8, 2022

  • Email access to existing entries
  • Possibility to lock entries
  • Sickness duration in absences cannot be limited
  • Spell check in chat based on the user language or detected language
  • Tooltip with project description to project name on projects list view
  • Updated localization of notifications
  • Issue with encoding on entry view
  • Issue with adding large attachments to an entry

v2022.03.01 - March 1, 2022

  • Performance improvements for entry view
  • Display labels on sprints view
  • Localization related to questions on entry view
  • Updated dependencies for server and client side
  • Issue with empty date field when create new report
  • Issue with duration calculation on time reports
  • Issue with timezones on timetable

v2022.02.18 - February 18, 2022

  • Group chat functionality
  • Preview for chat attachments
  • Preview for entry attachments
  • Added new events for workflows
  • Added time rounding on timetable view
  • Entry view performance improvements
  • Extended entry type custom fields functionality
  • Improved meetings scheduler UI
  • Improved UI for comments and questions
  • Made "usages" section collapsible"
  • Mark externally created entries with a label
  • Possibility to add a label to projects from label view
  • Possibility to see if someone is on video call
  • TeamViewer link to request support
  • Time report export language
  • Issue with filtering on projects view
  • Missing margin for resolved version in history
  • Missed localization in entry history
  • Prevent multiple submit on accepting meeting
  • Issue with updating reports count on tab when delete report

v2022.01.26 - January 26, 2022

  • Disable possibility to approve meeting with the past time range
  • Display number of unanswered questions in navigation menu
  • Entry planning fields improvements
  • Improvements for time reports export
  • Meeting tooltip and description with location field
  • Issue with localization of question related notification
  • Issue with meeting view for external users
  • Issue with reactions count when adding new comment
  • Localization of entry attributes get lost
  • Meeting time zone issue in email details
  • Missing localization on project settings view

v2022.01.19 - January 19, 2022

  • Q/A functionality for entries
  • User chat status and do not disturb functionality
  • Possibility to save email communication as draft
  • Possibility to mark comment as read
  • Entry comments UI improvements
  • Possibility to paste resources from clipboard in chat and attachments
  • Possibility to paste resources from clipboard in email communications
  • Auto translate for onboarding document
  • Possibility to specify if person should report hours
  • Entry history performance improvements
  • Improvements for work schedule configuration
  • Language selection UI improvements
  • Localization improvements on video calls
  • Markdown help tooltip for entry comment
  • Elapsed time auto refresh for notifications and chat messages
  • Update reporting widget on reporting from timetable view
  • Incorrect date format on meeting calendar
  • Issue with absence duration calculation
  • Issue with chat fonts rendering
  • Issue with entry attachments uploaded by observer role
  • Issue with exporting project to template
  • Issue with time zone after meeting final time range was changed