Essential management functions for your teams.

Forward-thinking businesses use CompanyWorkplace to ease collaboration, communication, and the management of projects in relation to all stakeholders.

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The hub for all your
tasks and internal or external communications.

CompanyWorkplace is where your teams can come together to get stuff done: chat, videoconferences, files sharing, tasks, documentation, and much more!


Daily tasks

Regardless of your activities, you can process each entry as a particular task. Track its processing cycle, action history, and all the information you need to process it on time, in your language.


Time management

The efficient processing of a task must take into account absences, holidays, processing flows, and your SLAs. With CompanyWorkplace, you have all the cards in hand to meet your requirements.



Track your activities online with CompanyWorkplace's reporting features and simple, effective dashboards. Evaluate perfectly the time used for each task in order to identify bottlenecks.



Manage your multilingual communications through chats, task comments, videoconferences, and all documentation.